Parent Info Online

Fremantle 31 Mar 2020

Here's some tips for helping your son or daughter navigate through their choice of higher education.

Download the parent online info session slides


  • Q. What will happen with 2021 admissions given the impacts of COVID-19?

    A. We acknowledge the current difficulties faced by Year 12 students and are currently exploring options for 2021 admission which will ensure students are not disadvantaged when applying to study with us. As soon as there is relevant information about 2021 admissions, we will communicate that with our future students. In the meantime, we encourage you to continue studying hard and know that there will be a pathway to university available for you.

  • Q. Can I take a gap year?

    A. Yes, you can defer your commencement for most programs for either six months or a year (even if you've received an Early Offer!).

  • Q. When will there be more information about the Early Offer Program for 2021?

    A. Hold tight, there will be more info about Early Offer coming out soon! Keep an eye out for upcoming webinars about Early Offer.

  • Q. What should I do now?

    A. We know things are uncertain right now, but it's important to try and relax and focus on your studies. Click here to get your NDU Study Pack mailed out to you or make an appointment for a Online 1-on-1 Advice Session with one of our Advisors who can help you to work out the right pathway and perfect degree for you!